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Isabella Dinelli

Business Development Manager

Isabella's strong commitment to providing top-tier customer service and prioritizing clients' best interests is unwavering. She utilises her extensive industry knowledge to help clients reach their investment objectives.

Her venture in the real estate industry commenced as a rental receptionist, granting her a unique viewpoint and deep comprehension of the industry. Over time, she moved to the position of property manager, with hands-on experience refining her skills and expertise in property management which then ultimately led her to the role of Business Development Manager.

Isabella’s variety of experience in the industry gives her the upper hand, as the skills and knowledge she has developed over the years are key factors that contribute to her success within her role. This wealth of experience not only instills confidence in her abilities but also positions her as a trusted advisor for clients seeking guidance in their investment endeavors.

In her spare time, Isabella enjoys practicing Pilates and taking leisurely walks, making the most of her relaxing time after work.