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Miroslava Simkova

Client Relationship Executive - Team Chokshi

Mirsi began her career in Real Estate by conducting Saturday open homes for Ray White Cheltenham, which shortly led her into the exciting role of Leasing Consultant. The Real Estate industry has always been a part of Mirsi’s life. Her father has always been developing new properties or repairing properties with a history and always being close to him helped Mirsi develop an appreciation for property and the work it takes to match the vision of the homeowner to perfection. 

Mirsi has also experienced looking for rental properties many times in different locations whilst living in the UK, therefore understands the challenges that are present during the letting process. Mirsi believes building strong relationships with people is key to being able to thrive within the industry.

Mirsi loves meeting people from all walks of life and providing the best service possible in finding the perfect property for their needs and lifestyle. Mirsi is grateful for the opportunity to work in the beautiful Bayside area, which has so much to offer. Her goal is to make sure that the experience during the process for both tenants and landlords is joyful and peaceful. Mirsi believes each task can be done with empathy for all involved. 

Outside of work, Mirsi is a big nature enthusiast. She loves hiking, strolling by the beautiful beaches around Bayside and beyond, exploring new places around the world, but also staying faithful to ones that grew close to her heart. Mirsi thoroughly enjoys the company of great people, having a good laugh and sharing some quality times. She always enjoys learning new, wonderful and motivating things to better herself.