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Cheltenham Community


Cheltenham Area

Cheltenham Secondary College 73 Bernard St, Cheltenham 03 9555 5955
Cheltenham Secondary College is a co-educational high school in Cheltenham catering for students in years 7 to 12. The school officially opened in 1959 as ‘Cheltenham High School’, and then later changed its name to Cheltenham Secondary College. The school is functionally divided into two sub-schools; a Junior School, catering for students in years 7 to 9; and a Senior School, catering for students in year 10 and VCE.

Cheltenham Primary School 231 Charman Rd, Cheltenham 03 8585 3200
The historic school attracts a number of families from outside the area due to the number of exemplary, challenging and wide-ranging programs it offers. With an average class size of 23 students the classes are either straight grades or composite grades, enabling children to develop at a rate that suits their capabilities and learn from their peers.

Cheltenham East Primary School 42 Silver St, Cheltenham 03 9583 5746
Situated in a quiet pocket of residential Cheltenham, Cheltenham East Primary draws its students from neighbouring kindergartens and day care centres. The curriculum is delivered through an integrated approach where topics are taught across all domains. Cheltenham East Primary School aims to develop independent, lifelong learners who are well equipped to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Le Page Primary School Argus St, Cheltenham 03 9583 8342
Le Page Primary School was formed as a result of a merger between Cheltenham North and Cheltenham Heights Primary Schools onto the site previously occupied by Cheltenham Heights. The co-educational primary school with composite grades has a collaborative teaching and learning culture underpinned by an agreed view of a child-centred learning approach.  Through an innovative curriculum they work towards high achievement for all students in a nurturing environment.

Our Lady Of The Assumption Primary 9 Centre Dandenong Rd, Cheltenham 03 9584 9488
Our Lady Of The Assumption Primary offer outstanding educational opportunities for our Prep – Year 6 students and pride themselves on wonderful community spirit. The school are a welcoming Christian community, living and celebrating with faith and gratitude in the spirit of Jesus.

Hampton Area

Hampton Primary School Hampton St, Hampton 03 9598 1412
Hampton Primary have a strong tradition of active community participation and have been at the forefront of curriculum development in the local area since its opening in 1913. They educate their students to be enthusiastic, curious learners who are valued for their individuality and diversity. Encouraging engagement, self-responsibility, independence and promoting the development of the whole child through strong curriculum programs and a variety of co-curriculum opportunities.

St Mary’s Primary School 59 Holyrood St, Hampton 03 9521 9335
St Mary’s is a dynamic Catholic primary school. They offer an educational experience designed to inspire community values, personal wellbeing and academic achievement. Students will be educated and nourished in the faith and tradition of the Catholic Church from Prep to Grade 6. Pastoral Care of the children is at the centre of what they do.

Moorabbin Area

Moorabbin Primary School Worthing Rd, Moorabbin 03 9555 1101
Moorabbin Primary School No. 1111 dates back to 1875, making it the oldest school in the district.  As a government school they have maintained high standards over a very long period. Their core purpose is to nurture and develop the relationships between students, staff, parents and the wider community.  They foster the education and wellbeing of all through the provision of a safe, challenging, supportive and dynamic learning environment where all children are challenged to excel.

St Catherines Primary School Fletcher St, Moorabbin 03 9555 7200
St Catherine’s School is a place where Christ is at the centre of community life. At St. Catherine’s Parish Primary School the students become people of faith, hope and love. The individual needs of each of the students are valued and nurtured and the school is committed to them becoming independent, resourceful, critical thinkers who are continuing to grow and contribute to a technological world.

Southmoor Primary School Rica St, Moorabbin 03 9555 1235
Southmoor Primary School is described as a school with a dynamic learning environment and innovative programs. The immediate impression on visiting Southmoor is one of a positive learning environment that offers care, security, and vitality. The staff, school council and community proudly recognize and foster cultural, social, intellectual and physical diversity, all of which are features of this school.

Bentleigh Secondary College 4 Vivien St, Bentleigh East 03 9579 1044
Bentleigh Secondary College is a coeducational public high school. Established in 1956, it has been renamed several times before becoming Bentleigh Secondary College. The curriculum is innovative and rigorous and offers a broad and challenging academic program from Years 7-12. Bentleigh Secondary College is proud of its continuing tradition of excellence. Our teaching and learning programs set high expectations for all students.

Sandringham Area

Sandringham Secondary College Holloway Road, Sandringham 03 8599 0500
At Sandringham College, they believe that each and every student must be given the greatest opportunity to achieve success. That’s why the school offer a vast range of academic, artistic and sporting
opportunities for our students – one of the largest and broadest at a Secondary School in Victoria. Years 7 -10 Sandringham campus provides an environment designed to enhance social connectedness, while also encouraging positive staff-student relationships. The Years 11 and 12 Senior Campus provides a young adult learning environment, which is designed to address the needs and aspirations of senior students.

Sacred Heart Secondary College Fernhill Rd, Sandringham 03 9598 9322
Sacred Heart Parish Primary School commenced in 1912 when Monseigneur Phelan opened a simple wooden school consisting of a hall measuring 41 feet by 26 feet with a cloakroom attached, at the corner of Sandringham Road and Collingwood Street. At Sacred Heart Parish School they seek to educate the whole person and endeavour to cater for the wide range of  religious, social, academic, physical, and emotional needs of the children. In doing so they hope to provide a secure learning environment where children have the opportunity to achieve their potential. The school promotes in a special way the ideals of respect, honesty, tolerance, cooperation, and a genuine concern for the welfare of others.

Highett Area

St Agnes Primary Peterson St, Highett 03 9532 0344
At St Agnes Primary they pride themselves on building a vibrant close knit community with their faith based on the model of Jesus. The enclosed site includes the school, the playing areas and the church. Students are the focus of the school. They take a very active part in school life. With just over 200 students which are organised into two straight Foundation classes and eight composite classes they engage themselves extremely well in their learning and extra curricula activities

Mentone Area

Mentone Girls’ Grammar School Mentone Parade, Mentone 03 9581 1200
Mentone Girls’ Grammar is one of the finest schools for girls in Melbourne. They accept girls of all talents and abilities and pride themselves on being culturally diverse and welcoming students of all faiths and cultures. Quality teaching, small classes, and an inspired curriculum, set within technology rich; purpose built learning centres have led to their long history of outstanding achievement.

Mentone Grammar School Venice St, Mentone 03 9584 4211
Mentone Grammar School is acknowledged as a dynamic learning environment with outstanding opportunities for boys and girls from the Early Learning Centre (ELC) to Year 12. Their unique education model, Together-Apart-Together, where Middle School students (Years 5-9) learn in separate gender classes, with all other year levels coeducational, reflects modern thinking that boys and girls develop differently during the various stages of adolescence.

Mentone Park Primary Broome Ave, Mentone 03 9583 4935
Mentone Park Primary is a community minded school located in the residential suburb of Mentone. They are located away from main roads and thoroughfares making them a “hidden gem”. Their motto of “Reaching Higher” is achieved through providing an environment that is supportive and inclusive, allowing students to become confident and creative individuals.

Mentone Primary Childers St, Mentone 03 9583 2995
Mentone Primary School aims to develop happy, well-adjusted, capable and intelligent children with a thirst for knowledge. The maximum educational development of each individual student underpins their education philosophy meaning development of students’ intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and moral qualities.

Kilbreda College Mentone Parade, Mentone 03 9584 7766
Founded in 1904, Kilbreda College is a Catholic secondary school for girls where Christianity is lived out through core Gospel values and in the Brigidine tradition of Strength and Kindliness. They are a learning focused school where as individuals and as a whole school community they strive for continuous growth with an emphasis on improving learning outcomes.

St Patrick’s Catholic Parish Primary School Childers St, Mentone 03 9583 5033
St Patrick’s School acknowledges the dignity of every human person, whom they believe to be created in the image of God; redeemed in Jesus Christ; and gifted with a unique vocation. On this basis, they aim to establish and maintain relationships and practices that acknowledge the rights and responsibilities of this human dignity, and contribute to the development of each individual.
They believe that knowledge plays a vital part in education. The knowledge and experience of their faith and the desire to seek the truth are the complementary foundations for the intellectual formation they aim to provide.

Mentone Girls’ Secondary College Balcombe Rd & Charman Rd, Mentone 03 9581 5200
Mentone Girls’ Secondary College is an all-girl’s state school encouraging students to strive to achieve their very best in every endeavour in a safe and accepting environment. Each girl’s talent is nurtured and valued, through participation in academic, sporting, artistic and civic leadership events and activities.
St Bede’s College Mentone Parade, Mentone 03 9582 5999
St Bede’s College is a secondary school for boys. The College belongs to a family of schools and other works based in 83 countries around the world. As a Catholic school in the Lasallian tradition, the St Bede’s Community is one that is characterised by positive, friendly and supportive relationships of students, staff and families through religious education.

Parkdale Area

Parkdale Primary School 305 – 311 Nepean Highway, Parkdale 03 9580 1451
At Parkdale Primary the aim is to maximise opportunities for all students to achieve their full potential in a safe, happy and supportive environment. They offer a current, relevant and engaging curriculum. Literacy and Numeracy are priority curriculum areas and have dedicated teaching times throughout the day. Their students also have access to a variety of specialist curriculum areas including Physical Education, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Information Technology and Japanese.

Parktone Primary School Robert Street, Parkdale 03 9580 1207
Parktone Primary School opened in 1961 and is situated in a quiet residential street in Parkdale. The school is on a spacious and attractive 2.5-hectare site. Traditional classrooms have been redeveloped into stimulating learning centres incorporating ICT and the re-arrangement of furniture and spaces to cater for a variety of learning needs.  There are 30 staff members and 405 children.

St John Vianney’s Primary School Brisbane Terrace, Parkdale 03 9580 5812
St John Vianney’s School is a Catholic Parish Primary School situated in the suburb of Parkdale located opposite the Walter Galt Reserve and adjacent to municipal parklands, sports ovals, the Don Tatnell Swimming Complex and the Mordialloc Community Centre.
They are a community working in partnership to nurture the values and traditions of the Catholic faith in a welcoming environment. The school motto, “Love Conquers” reflects both their belief in and their commitment to respecting and developing the uniqueness and potential of each person within the context of Catholic faith and education.

Parkdale Secondary School Warren Road, Mordialloc 03 9580 6311
Founded in 1964 Parkdale Secondary College has a well-earned reputation as an outstanding public school. A reputation based on the achievements of the students over many years.