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Raging Review

Check out the detailed sales feedback that both Kevin Chokshi and Belinda Cimino received. 

To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to provide this feedback regarding the professional manner in which the team at Ray White Real Estate,  Cheltenham, Victoria,   worked  together and sold my late Uncles home at 128 Devon St, Cheltenham.

I live interstate and as Executor for the estate.   I spent a great deal of time  interstate during the sale preparation and promotion and had to rely on the Real Estate Agent’s expertise given I had never been involved with an Auction before.   I cannot fault the approach  and actions of the Ray White team.

  1. It was the Ray White team who responded quickly when I called for an initial appraisal and again,  the same when I was making my final selection from a number of other real estate agents all vying  to be commissioned to sell the house.  It was the Ray White team that responded at very short notice and met me at the property at a time to suit me,  which was really great.
  2. Communication of sales information between myself and my solicitor was made easy given the Ray White team handled all the relative correspondence and documentation and kept both myself and the solicitor informed.  I was comforted in knowing just where the process was at all times and my solicitor knew the Ray White team and had worked with them before,  which was reassuring for me.
  3. The marketing literature seemed full on and as thorough as it could be. I have no doubt that the Ray White team intended to sell this house and make sure everyone had a shot at it.  They really did ensure they made the best outcome possible. Everything was professional and very well done.
  4. Kevin Chokshi and Belinda Cimino were the key members who dealt with me face to face,  and they obviously work very well together because there was no hitches and the business of selling the house seemed to just flow;  it all just happened and came together wonderfully.
  5. I was regularly provided with progress reports and latest area sales and market details from onset right up to the date of sale.  On the day before the Auction,  Kevin made time to sit down with me and overview the final details of the planned Auction for the next day.
  6. From beginning to end it seemed to just flow,  the positioning of a very professionally done light board display on the front of the property in very quick time was impressive,  as too was the positioning of street corner signs and an Auction flag on the Property front sign at first light on the day of the Auction.   Nice touches,  professional approach and a professional finish.  The Ray White went after success and achieved it.
  7. Final word on communication,  no one at Ray White seemed to lose  sight of the significance of their being responsible for the selling of the family home and what that home meant to me.  I was reassured all the way and on the day of the sale and also a couple of days later I was contacted for various reasons and discussions ,  while primarily focused on the business at hand,  I was specifically asked how I was coping with all  that had transpired each time.  Kevin even returned to the home some hours after the Auction just to see how I was going.  The respect for the emotional impact of all that had transpired at Auction and throughout the process of selling was never lost in the selling process by the Real Estate Team.

Over and Above  “Just being a Real Estate Agent”
At our first meeting I was a little skeptical of Real Estate Agents in general and the fact that at the end of the day money was a key driver.  I knew that if things don’t go well at Auction the real estate agent still gets paid.  It could be very easy for the real estate team to find a property like ours,  in need of major upkeep,  and put it in the too hard basket just to get turn-over and lose sight of the whole focus.

I factored in a condition in our agreement that provided a bonus  to the Real Estate Team if they met certain expectations.  For me,  I thought is was fair and achievable,  and relative to the appraisal of the  property value prior to sale.   I was happy to do so because it made me feel there was added incentive for the sale to go well that I had instigated it.  If a certain figure is not achieved,  it didn’t matter,  I had put and been able to set a reasonable incentive from our family. I felt we were actively involved in the process and to an extent,  driving our needs.

Well I need not have bothered,  but I’m glad I did because the team earned it. Kevin is an amazing Auctioneer who knows how to work a crowd.   Combined with a support team around him, Kevin was free to do what he does very very well and;   he was exciting to watch.

I cannot say enough for his energy and enthusiasm  and while ego must come into it at some stage,  Kevin’s professionalism doesn’t show any of it.  At the end of the sale,  even the buyer commented highly on Kevin’s ability to keep the process going and that he run a very good Auction right up to its end.  That’s a big thing given the purchaser had just paid top dollar because the Auction was pushed all the way by the very man she was praising.

Kevin achieved the bonus  for his team through his skill and ability and the team were all ecstatic at the result.    The bonus was icing on the cake I’m sure.   $851,500.00 for an old weatherboard home that was really in need of significant TLC ,  with the buyer needing to spend thousands more on the home to re-stump it and prepare it for rental,  or run the risk of cost blow-out and  loss if the house was demolished making way for a new house or units.   The Developers seemed not overly interested,  perhaps it was because there was 2 easements on a  612Sq/m property making it smaller and more difficult to fit more than one new unit or home on the property.  My Uncles house was not an easy sell.

Whatever the reasons for buying or not buying,   the Auction result was definitely extraordinary and above the upper price level stated in the initial appraisal.

Given all of the above concerns for the purchaser,  all I can say is  –  I am truly appreciative of  the efforts of the Ray White Team and;  having never had anything to do with an Auction before,  I cannot  thank them enough for their professionalism and enthusiasm to our families need.   The role the Real Estate Agent plays in handling Real Estate in a community relies on honesty, commitment and diligence and the Cheltenham Ray White Team demonstrate that in abundance.

It would remiss of me not to recommend the Cheltenham Ray White Team to anyone who wants  a chance at the kind of result these guys have achieved for the beneficiaries of the H.&P. Dowler Estate.    The added benefit of the good will for Ray White is extremely well deserved.  The kind of relationships they generate along the way will always ensure they are sure to be called upon again and again  when needed.  The Cheltenham community is lucky to have such a team in their midst.

Many Thanks to the Cheltenham Ray White team for a job Well Done.

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